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Express middleware to make new requests wait until previous one is completed

So, it's quite hard to express my issue. So, here is the scenario:

I have a route defined in express.js
Some operations (with a database) are done in a controller.

In my Middleware, I call a function on the controller to do some processing.
I set a flag and make a call to the Middleware function until the flag is set to true.
I do this multiple times in a row, so it adds up.

I figured out that I could create the flag in a local variable, and the function call it from the middleware.
But, I don't understand why, even with a local variable, the middleware still waits. How can it be?
I am fairly new to node.js, and I figured out that
middleware(req, res, next) {
var flag = false;

function middlewareFunc(req, res, next) {
if(!flag) {
flag = true;
return next();
} else {
return next();

return middlewareFunc;

It's not really all that beneficial, since in my use case, I would like to start multiple requests in parallel, and have them wait until all have been completed before starting the next round of requests. So, if I use the above method, only one request will be processed per round.


There is nothing wrong with the middleware you have written. There is nothing to do in express middlewares about the processing order of requests.
It seems like you are trying to make something like the nginx worker processes.
It is more about how you are using the node.js.
You can only start a function call in a function call statement.
var middlewareFunc = middleware(req, res, next) {
function middlewareFunc(req, res, next) {

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.package scala.scalanative.quoted

import com.intellij.lang.ASTNode
import com.intellij.psi.PsiElement


trait Quoted extends ScalaPsiElement {

def value: String
def description: String

override def elementType: String = TypeElement.NAME
override def getIcon: String = if (!children.isEmpty) "COMBO_WITH_LIGHT" else "COMBO"

object Quoted extends Quoted {
override def value: String = {
if (isUserDefinedElement) else ""

override def description: String = {
if (isUserDefinedElement) "def" + value + ":" + TypeElement.createQualifiedName(abstractTypeElement.asInstanceOf[TypeElement]) else ":?"

def isUserDefinedElement: Boolean = ASTNode.isKind(elementType, PsiElement.UNKNOWN_EXCEPTION)

private[this] def isPossibleQualifiedName(elem: PsiElement): Boolean = {
if (elem.isInstanceOf[ASTNode]) elem.getPsi.isLiteral && elem.getPsi.getText.contains(".")
else ASTNode.isKind(elem, "TypeElement")

private[this] def qualifiedName(elem: PsiElement): String = {
if (isUserDefinedElement)
elem.getQualifiedName + "."

private[this] def resolveQualifiedName(elem: PsiElement): String = {
var result: String = "("
if (isUserDefinedElement) {
result += elem.getQualifiedName.toString
else {
if (qualifiedName(elem) == TypeElement

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Algorithm a* in php

I'm very new to algorithms and I have an assignment about them. I'm trying to

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