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Installing software on Windows is a pretty big deal; as a user we put a lot of trust in the integrity of the software that we install on our system. For most users, this is a general rule that for a software to be installed on a system it must be certified by a 3rd party. For Windows to be installed and used on the system, the software must be signed by Microsoft in order to be validated on the system.

Once a software is installed, it is always possible that the software will be changed in the future. This might cause a software to be not as expected by the users. Additionally, some software installers do not display all the information they should display before an installation process.

Microsoft introduced the Windows Installer [ref:] at the time of Windows NT 4.0. Windows Installer is a major change in how software is installed on a Windows system.

Microsoft has also introduced Windows Installer 3.1 (a major release) after Windows Vista. Some newer versions of Microsoft Windows such as Windows 8 also uses Windows Installer. However, in some older versions of Windows such as Windows XP and Microsoft Windows Server 2003, Windows Installer is not used.

Windows Installer has however, some drawbacks, it is not supported on all architectures and some older versions of Windows might not have support for installing all the patches and updates.

Some of the Windows Installer disadvantages include the following:

Windows Installer does not support the Pre Install and Post-Install phases and all the data transfer is done at the time of the software installation. Hence, this means that the user can not be informed of the progress of the installation process in real time.

There is a limitation in the way of changing the preferences of the Installed and Uninstall functions in the Windows Installer. The Wix URL of the Microsoft Windows Installer is:

To sum up, if you do not like the Windows Installer and want to use an alternative solution to install your software, you can also manually do a "Searched for 3rd party Installers" with the following command-line if you have the installation media in your system:

The Windows Installer was designed to be an all-in-one solution for installing all types of software on Windows systems. But for some special types of software such as ActiveX add-ins, Windows Installer does not support these add-ins. ActiveX add

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